Who am I and why should you hire me?

My name is James.

For over 23 years I have written, recorded and performed all over the United States.

I am a full time working musician who respects venue owners, employees and the crowds.

I am not your typical musician and I assure you a professional, energetic, acoustic show that will leave your patrons pleased and wanting more.

Hire me today and you will be glad you did.

My father is the one who "put the music in me" and I have KNOWN music as a language and way of life since I was a child.  Music could NEVER be "just a hobby" for me and I've spent YEARS being relentless in finding my way as a full time working musician.

Here is the earliest photo of my father playing guitar with me as a baby touching his hand.  I think I may STILL "live" in this picture in some ways.

More about me...

Since I began at the age of 15, I have toured, written and recorded under my childhood name "Jamie Carroll".  

With the birth of my FULL TIME MUSIC CAREER in April of 2014 I have chosen to adopt my birth name, James Vincent Carroll for all future projects and promotion. 

I am currently in the studio working on a FOUR PART SERIES of albums called "Book Of James - Chapters One-Four". These new original songs were written out of inspiration from the pages of my hand written journals over the years.

After trying to "make it" for so many years I have learned to appreciate the simplicity and happiness of performing on the stage and promoting and networking with venue owners, event hosts and other artists.

I have been writing, recording and touring for over 23 years and I could not be where I am now without the help and support of my family and friends.

I have learned that my mistakes in life may have not been mistakes at all, rather choices and decisions that taught me lessons on how to be authentic and I try to write songs that reflect what I have learned along the way.

I support and promote local music so if you're looking for more Artists to perform at your venue, please feel free to contact me about them as well.

I am also a "For Hire" Guitarist as well as Studio player, Writer, Producer and Concert/Event planner. I stay in constant contact with many amazing musicians and would be happy to help you Network as well.


I have many musical influences including:

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Black Keys, Radiohead, U2, Cold Play, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, Edwin McCain, Bob Segar, Darrell Scott, Jerry Chapman, Bill Mallonee, and Many More. 

Opening Show Appearances have included:

Edwin McCain - Candlebox - Paul Thorn - Derek Webb