Who am I and why should you hire me?

My name is James.  You may not know me yet.

Many of you have known me my entire life and many of you have met me over the last 25 years of my music career.

I became a career musician in 2013 after YEARS of learning what worked and what did NOT work for me in the "music industry".

I write songs, record albums and mostly PERFORM between 200-300 events of all types per year to make my living.

I have two sons (currently ages 13 and 16).  My oldest son has lived with me since he was in 5th grade.

I say often that I am "not a typical musician" due to my main desire of bringing people TOGETHER with my live shows.  I have seen people come together and make life long friendships and relationships just by attending my shows over the years and THAT continues to be one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.

I love supporting local businesses who realize that supporting OTHER local businesses is successful for all of us!

I have learned that in order to do what I am best at I must live simply and WORK long hours by booking, performing and PROMOTING myself AND the businesses that hire me regularly.


My one "luxury" in life is my life long love and enthusiasm for Motorcycles.  As long as I have health I will create music and ride my Harley.

My monthly living expenses are manageable (most of the time, lol).  My largest payment is rent (for now) and I have plans of a MAJOR downsizing as soon as my kids are out of High School and "move on into their adult life".

For now...  this is it.  THIS is what I do and I try and hope to share it with everyone who believes in me and understands why it is important.

I WILL continue SHARING my life’s work with ALL who desire to be a part of it.

Any event,  any musical need. 


More about me...

Since I began at the age of 15, I have toured, written and recorded under my childhood name "Jamie Carroll".  

With the birth of my FULL TIME MUSIC CAREER in April of 2014 I have chosen to adopt my birth name, James Vincent Carroll for all future projects and promotion. 

I have learned that my mistakes in life may have not been mistakes at all, rather choices and decisions that taught me lessons on how to be authentic and I try to write songs that reflect what I have learned along the way.

I support and promote local music so if you're looking for more Artists to perform at your venue, please feel free to contact me about them as well.