Today I killed a snake. Wouldn't you?

Today I killed a snake.

I went out my back door to clean the Wal Mart Swimming Pool and before I got off the stairs I saw it.

Black.  Slithering right at me!

I jumped.  Yes, like a scared child.

Then it moved towards the house and began climbing the wall!

The first thing I thought was, "no way you nasty thing- you're NOT getting in MY house!"

I grabbed the first thing I saw... a shovel.

I quickly aimed at it's head and stabbed at it with the shovel until I killed it.

My heart was racing and I felt sick.

I hate snakes.   HATE.

Why?  Well, other than the fear of being bitten by one I truly don't know.

My son came outside (he likes reptiles) and asked me what was going on.

When I told him- he dropped his head and said, "Dad, please if you see another one, please don't kill it.  Please tell me so I can get my friend who rescues snakes to come get it and take it somewhere safe."

I first thought, "NO WAY.  THE ONLY GOOD SNAKES ARE DEAD ONES"....  then.... I thought about it....

Why DID I kill it?  I was scared.  It was a snake.  My son noticed what kind it was and told me afterwards.... it was NOT a poisoness snake and it actually was one that killed rats and bugs.


Now I wonder-  are we so quick to judge people too?  Because of color?  Beliefs?  Gender? 

Do we see certain people and feel scared, threatened, uncertain?

Do those thoughts makes us want to... remove...or kill them off?

I think so.

History is proof enough.

Snakes.   I don't like them, but next time... unless it's trying to hurt me in some way... I think I will just try to scare it back into the woods... where it came from... where it's "HOME" is.

I feel bad for killing it out of fear.

Ask me sometime why I have been a vegetarian for OVER a year...  my answer will make you think.