Ten Questions (Part One)

Awhile back I asked many "facebook friends and fans" to send over ten questions they might have for me.  I wanted to list a few with my answers periodically so here goes!  Enjoy :)



1- Why did you change your name from Jamie Carroll to James Vincent (Carroll)?


*I didn't "change my name" at all.  I was born "James Vincent Carroll", named that by my Father and Mother.  "Jamie" was a nickname that became my "face" so to speak over the years.  I even recorded many years of music under that name so you will STILL find that guy on itunes, spotify and more.  I personally grew very tired of "that guy" in many ways.  I've gone through SO many changes personally and musically over the years that when I finally became a CAREER Musician (full time) I wanted a rebirth, a new beginning.  I chose to use my first and middle name "James Vincent" to start things off.  Knowing that I will never "make it big" and taking a realistic approach to what I do musically the plan all along was to eventually use my full, legal birth name "JAMES VINCENT CARROLL".  Why?  I am proud of my name.  I am proud of the man I have become over the years.  I am proud of my music AND I want my name to continue to reflect that of my two sons and my family.  I will always be "Jamie or James or even J" to many people.  CARROLL is the bloodline, the origin, the ongoing "legacy" if you will.  James Vincent is the artist, the gypsy soul, hard working man who continues to move forward and do the best he can :)  What's in a name?  MUCH.  I am proud of mine.  James Vincent Carroll.  *My new albums will all be labeled "James Vincent Carroll Presents" - The Book of James (Chapters One through Four).


2- Where can we find ALL of your music over the years?


*You can find both Jamie Carroll and James Vincent music on itunes, spotify, amazon and more.  You can also go to www.cdbaby.com as well as a history site I set up called www.jamiecarrollmusic.bandcamp.com


3- How do you keep a family together and still play music full time?


*This one is close to my heart.  I got married (several times) FAR TOO SOON in life.  I didn't even KNOW and LOVE myself then (how can you possible give that to another properly). Although I am not "married" now, I remain friendly with past relationships AND I have two sons that have ALWAYS been first along the way.  I have amazing relationships with both my kids.  The oldest stays with me most of the time and his mom and I are friends and work together for his benefit (we always have).  I certainly believe in "family", but I believe there are different types of families and that ALL FAMILIES should be recognized, encouraged and accepted.  All that being said, I am very much in love with someone who is an amazing friend, supporter, partner and total kindred soul.  We work together very well and she is also an artist, gypsy soul like myself.  Future plans?  I have learned to live IN THE NOW.  Advice on marriage?  DON'T EVEN GET CLOSE TO MAKING THAT COMMITMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE FIRST LEARNED WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU TRULY WANT IN LIFE.  YOU CAN NOT POSSIBLY LOVE ANOTHER FULLY UNTIL YOU FIRST...LOVE YOURSELF.


4- How long have you been a musician?


*Since I was 15 years old.  I have also worked full time jobs since that time so I have been working and creating music for over 23 years at this time.


5- You used to sing in churches when you were a kid.  Why did you stop?


*I could write a book about this one, but allow me to humbly and honestly answer this way:  We are all different.  We all believe or disbelieve different things.  We all come from different family backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, etc.  I spent around 15 years in that "market" and although I met some amazing, sweet people- I also saw and learned things that many typical "church goers" never see.  I could no longer be apart of something that was continually putting such weight on my shoulders to be "so perfect" when that is impossible.  I am an artist.  I make music for ALL PEOPLE, not just one group of people.  Some of my best friends are the same people that that "market" turns away and speaks harshly of.  I wish to have NO PART of it.  My spiritual life is VERY personal.  TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME... you don't have to like me and I don't have to care.  LOVE and PEACE for all people.  THAT is what I wish for.


6- You promote more on facebook than anyone I've ever seen.  Does it help and does anyone ever complain about all your postings?


*YES.   Facebook is without a doubt the best FREE marketing tool I have ever used.  Due to it being free, I don't freak out and complain about all the changes it makes.  I hope they never charge us for this service, but if they did, I would probably pay for it at this point.  I have met SO MANY great people and made some of the largest connections musically I have ever made.  I enjoy promoting local artists, businesses and connecting the same as well.  I must admit I wish some days I could just quit using it, but at this point in my career it is by far one of my largest forms of promotion and interaction.  People have never "complained" about my daily postings because they are smart enough to know that anything you don't wish to see on facebook you simply "unfollow" or "delete".  I am happy that most of my facebook connections are supportive of my daily promotions.


7- What is your favorite food?


*HA!  I wondered if anyone would ask that!  My favorite food is FOOD.  LOL!  Nah, honestly I have been full vegetarian for well over a year now and have been healthier and happier than ever!  I still love cheese (but it doesn't like me).  I LOVE Indian Food (probably my ultimate favorite).  I also enjoy Mexican, Japanese and of course... CRACKER BARRELL :)  *Sometimes I sneak a bit of fish into my soul (especially if I am at the coast... or at The Full Moon Oyster Bar!!).


8- Do you listen to your own music?  What is your favorite music?


*ONLY WHEN I AM WRITING and RECORDING IT.  Then a little after the production and albums are finished.  Other than that...NOPE.

I listen to Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac more than anything else during a week.  I also enjoy stations such as Pandora for turning me on to new unheard artists that you won't hear on "pop radio".  I REALLY enjoy "Trance, Trip-Hop, Noisy Beat" type music such as "Beats Antique, 8mm, Portishead, etc" as well.  My favorite will always be Classic Rock and Blues.


9- What are your political views?


*I truly don't know.  If I have "a view" at all it would CURRENTLY be this:  I have a strong feeling that NONE of us know the real truth.

We only see what's on TV or read what's on the internet or papers.  Even history is laced with truth AND lies.  I hear politicians speak and right when I become a fan of one guy... he ends up saying other things that just don't feel right to my inner core.  So, I stay out of it these days.  I wish I had more time to study it all, but even if I did I would not believe everything I hear.  Do I vote?  Yes, as best I can.  Do I believe my vote "counts"? NO WAY.  I think it's all a game to keep us busy.  That being said, the last politician I ever resonated with (understood) was Ron Paul.


10- Why don't you try out for THE VOICE?


*I saved this one for last.  FIRST of all, I appreciate it every time someone thinks I sound good enough to go there.

I've said too much about this publicly over the years and it has offended and hurt some good people that support those types of "shows" so I want to be clear that it is NOT my intention to hurt friends and family with my opinion.  Now, if one of my young sons ever wanted to try out for any of those TV talent "SHOWS", I would allow them to simply for the experience.  In fact, if they ever "made it through" I would support them based on them being my children alone.  However, my kids already know the difference in being a real, hard working, traveling musician (big or small) and what I've gone through alone, musically and personally in 23 years is enough to make me not support or want to be a part of that type of thing.  I've had to come to peace with the FACT that The Voice, American Idol, X-Factor and any of that stuff is ALL A SHOW MADE FOR TV.  It's pure entertainment.  Scripted and PRE-PLANNED IN FACT (regardless of what we've been told).  I should be no more angry at those shows than I am while watching Star Wars or any other work of fiction.  There are MANY amazing musicians that have been told "this is the way to make it" and THAT may be my main issue with it all.  "Making it" is a personal view.  I have learned that the hard way.  I spent years trying to get record deals.  I got two.  Lost them both.  I spent more years trying to "make it", but then I realized... I already have.  Thanks to local supporters, long time friends, fellow musicians and especially the venues and places that hire me... I have "made it" and am a full time artist.  I did this without a TV show telling me how to sound, how to dress and how to live.  So my days of being bitter about all that are OVER.  Someone made a good point recently when they said, "You can always change the channel" - Exactly.  We can ALL change the channels in life when something does not resonate with WHO we are.



Well, there's the first ten questions!  Keep emailing them in and I will keep answering :)

Email your questions or ANY other communication to booking@jamesvincentcarroll.com