Sunshine (at the end of the tunnel)

We should all remain prepared to accept the fact that not everyone will agree with us or see things as we do in life.

This has helped me to co-exsist with other human beings for 39 years now.

Sometimes we just don’t agree.  It’s not a bad thing either.

We are all raised by different families, cultures, backgrounds, convictions and beliefs.

It’s really just simple.   It’s ok to live in a world full of people that are different.

The most difficult part for me is when it involves those closest to me.  Those whom I love and have loved me in return.

THAT is where some serious patience and understanding of one another’s views really weigh in.

I read a quote yesterday that said, “Not everyone will understand your journey.  That’s fine.  It’s not their journey to make sense of.  It’s yours.”

How many times in life do we ask ourselves, “How did this even happen?”.

Do we sincerely make important decisions, promises and plans in the beginning thinking that they may not work out?  No. 

But sometimes things change.  People change.  Beliefs change.  Situations change.

And when they do… we are left with HOW we will work through it and move forward.

We can’t allow the opinions of others (even those closest to us) to bring us down or make us feel unworthy of the perfect human right we all have to be happy and be in touch with who we are and the traits, gifts and even things (yes, I said things) that make us WHO we are.

I’ve seen this too many times in my own life and with the many couples I have had the honor of playing music at weddings for over the years.  Some make it and some don’t.  I have EVEN played music for the same bride… at up to three different weddings.  Did I judge these folks?  Did I decline the offer to do it again?  No.

One story that remains painful for me is when I see a couple so deeply in love in the beginning… they both appear to know one another, love one another and also they love certain “things” about one another.   Years down the road I see that same couple trying to put an end to the very things that they originally loved about one another.  I see that a lot in my circle of artist friends.   I’ve heard, “he loved my dedication to art in the beginning, but now he sees it as a problem.”  Or, “she loved my music and talent in the beginning, but now she sees it as a hobby that I can do WHEN I have time…”.

Those are PRIME examples of people who either did not spend enough time getting to know one another OR they simply… should not go any further in my humble, dramatic, unrealistic opinion that is.

SO…  today…  I ask any of you who read my blogs to have another cup of coffee and brace yourselves for the let downs in life.   Prepare yourselves for the bad news that comes every day, but remember there is ALWAYS sunshine… at the end of the tunnel.  Here’s a song to help you through…