South Port, Oak Island and living each moment

My lady and I set out on yet another journey to the coast of NC where we are most certain we will end up someday sooner than later as a “home base” while I travel the various highways of the USA.

We arrived in South Port, NC sunday afternoon where my father personally escorted us into town.
Instead of taking the “tour van” we hitched up a trailer and took my harley down for the week to get some wind time in with dad and I loaded my little car down with music gear, bags and a cooler for some much desired beach time with my beauty and an old friend.

We checked in to the River Side Motel (one of my favorites) and went over to The Fishy Fishy Cafe to setup for the evening performance.

We were greeted at Fishy Fishy by a lady named Marci who made us feel welcome before we even got there.

The staff there was friendly and acted like they were happy to have jobs (imagine that).

Once I did a quick sound check I looked up to see not a few…but at least 10 people who had driven down to South Port FROM the Winston Salem area to spend the evening with me!  Talk about a good feeling!!

After giving some hugs and talking a bit I looked up to see two more folks from the Elkin area walking in who did NOT even know I was going to be there!  We had been friends WAY back years ago and had to catch up.  They stayed all night and added to the evening’s already great energy.

The music was especially important to me that night because my Dad was there.

I hand selected each song JUST for him (or because he had once introduced those selections to me as a child).

The 5pm start time quickly turned into 9:30pm when after only one short break (I usually take two) I had to stop playing just to have time to clean up the stage, talk to more folks and leave the venue.

The crowd was more than generous in purchasing my new album and my darling life partner’s jewelry and crafts.  Kimberly and I looked at one another with amazement at how all the people wished to speak with us and asked WHEN were “we” coming back!  The answer to that by the way is Labor Day, Sep 7th, 2015 (and I will be performing in Wilmington the night of the 6th as well).

Needless to say we both slept very well that night.

The next morning we awoke very early, had coffee and took a walk along the river side.
We talked ONLY of how connected we felt and how “at home” we could be in this place.

Around 10am I heard the rumble of my Dad’s Harley as he pulled up to the motel to meet us and lead us on a half day ride along the coast of Caswell Beach and Oak Island (two more favorites of mine).

We made some stops, talked to some locals and had lunch (taking a few pics along the way)… then we said goodbye for now.

The next day was spent at Oak Island Pier with one of my oldest friends in the world (someone I met in pre-school and went through elementary AND high school together).  We had a blast at the beach and of coarse got a little too much sun, but it was worth it.

This life I’ve gravitated towards is more than I ever dreamed it would be.

I am so thankful that I never signed any record deals or got “famous” so that I could enjoy every moment of this musical journey played to my own tune.

All you folks who love what I do?  All you who show up time and again at all the shows?  YOU ARE PIECES OF MY OWN PUZZLE and without you it would not be complete.

I can’t wait to total up how many performances I will have done from Jan to Dec of 2015, but I CAN tell you that as of today there are ALREADY 82 CONFIRMED dates in 2016 and I have no plans of slowing down.

Once my oldest son moves on from high school I will be looking for a new home base and I do believe it will be somewhere near, around, in (or very much like) South Port and Oak Island, NC.

As I grow older I hope to perform more on the NC Coastline sharing my classic rock tribute and original songs every step of the way.

Thank you….ALL…..  for being WHO you are and making this all possible.