Some of us

I wrote this in the hospital this morning while waiting on my mother's antibiotic treatment:

All of us are born into this world the same way. All of us begin our own journeys and begin to learn and grow in our own ways. All of us make good and bad decisions. All of experience happiness and sadness. All of us are the same, although we are different. Some of us eventually realize who we truly are and what our purpose or calling is. Some of us do not realize this as quickly as others, but that's perfectly alright and understandable. A few of us find it acceptable to point out the faults and failures of others. A few of us do this for years. A few of us somehow believe it's alright to assume we know what's best or what's right and wrong for others. A few of us actually believe that we are the only ones who know or understand the truth. A few of us will live and die focusing on other people's decisions and pathways rather than focusing on our own self development.

Then there are those of us who realize that we are in control of only our personal path. Our journey. Our authenticity. Our lives. Our plans. Our beliefs or lack thereof. We are the ones who love others regardless of our differences. We are the ones who are patient with others while they figure it all out... While we also realize we should be patient with ourselves as we also... Figure it all out. We are the ones who realize... We may never... Figure any of it out. And we... Are peaceful and happy here.

We are the artists, the vagabonds, the hippies, the dreamers, the sinners and saints of the "church of life".

We are born with "suitcases in our hands" and our only true home is... Wherever we spontaneously are.

We are the gypsy souls.

We don't ask others to follow us. We don't expect others to be like us. We war against no one. We defend only our relationships and love. We have no time and choose to waste no time regretting our pasts, our failures, our shortcomings. We choose instead to take each new day as a gift as we look forward and move into the future. We are happy here. We are peaceful here. We are free.