Parents who use kids against another parent

A parent who uses a child against the other parent should be strictly corrected somehow.

*Im trying hard to dedicate my social media outlets to music promotion, but many of you know my hatred of bullying and my praise for parents who are not together anymore, yet are decent human beings and choose to co-parent properly for the children's sake. So from time to time you may hear these types of posts as well.

A parent who talks badly about the other parent in front of their child should be ashamed and called out.

Ex-husbands and Ex-wives if the both of you are sincerely trying to love and care for your children, do NOT make it hard on the other parent to be present and involved.

There's a reason you're not together anymore. Remember it, but don't keep your children from knowing the loving arms of the other parent if they are choosing to be there.

Oh, and a huge side note: If you're gonna label yourself a "godly parent" and act like you're on some faithful daily pathway to heaven, be sure your private nasty words and messages are not being logged, saved and recorded. That shit will prove the real you while your Facebook page and Sunday morning hand raising says something totally different. That's disgusting and you're a huge part of an eternal problem.

Thanks for reading. Just be good to one another. Love your kids, encourage them, build them up and stop being assholes to one another.

Your kids will thank you someday.