My name and more...

Sometimes I have to write the first thing that finds it’s way into my heart and head in the morning because those thoughts could or could not be “something worth writing”…

This will be as random as I usually am so buckle in for a few moments (if you will)…

My mother and father named me James Vincent Carroll when I was born.

Not sure where James came from (other than one of my papaw’s brothers being named that along with one of my father’s brothers the same)…

Vincent, however came from my papaw’s middle name – Alphonso Vincent Hall, Jr.

As a child I flipped from James to Jamie to Vincent throughout school and finally everyone settled with “Jamie”…

That’s cool and all because that name also became the one associated with my music since I was 16 years old.

“What’s in  a name?”

I can tell you that as I get closer to age 39 on the 30th of this very month I find more association with my birth name – James Vincent.

Maybe it’s the tie to my papaw?  Maybe it’s that that name meant something to my mother and father when they gave it to me?

Either way… my new album (currently in planning and writing stages) will be called: Jamie Carroll Presents – “The Book of James”.   That’s all you get for now (anyone who cares of course).

While driving to work I noticed things that brought a smile to my face:

Seeing people drive pass me (cause I drive a lot slower these days, lol) with steam from their coffee rising into their vehicles,  people singing songs in their cars, even the homeless guy with the “please help” sign… I wanted to stop, get out, take a pen and ask if he would mind telling me his story… before I took him for coffee and breakfast… but I was on my way to my office to plug away at another day of work to support my family and our decisions over the years that gave us this life we chose.

Moving on…  coffee.   Thank the great spirit of all that is for that amazing beam beverage…  brings me clarity and focus (at least until it wears off and I get to my gig tonight to follow it up with a few scotch’s) to bring more clarity, energy and comfort while I share another night of song I didn’t write… playing them as if I did.

What now?  Due to the nature of my “business” in music I have NEVER made a habit of asking any other artist to do anything for me for “free” – in fact, in bothers me when artists such as us are expected to do anything for free due to all the years of preparation, traveling, hard work, money spent and wear and tear on our very bodies and vehicles that we’ve incurred….  So what am I saying here?

I need a videographer.   I need a new one.  A young one.  Someone who nobody knows yet.  I need someone who can spend a good amount of time with me over the next year or so… riding along to some shows, in my studio, while I am writing…  I want someone who has the time, artistry and “vision” to follow my random brain activity…  I need them to log the journey of the creation of the new album.  I want them to interview me, talk to me, listen to me.  I want them to video log it all in “parts” and I would like to release these videos to Youtube to allow people to “SEE” how it all happens, what it takes, how long it takes…and more than anything…. WHO I AM.

I will be a big help as I have MANY ideas and much direction.

As most people that have “followed” me knows – I have recorded over 15 albums since I was 16 years old… then in 2006 I was able to go to Nashville for my first and only “Professional Studio Produced” album…  since that album “flopped” – I was forced to go back to my roots and record home made recordings…demos….  I’ve used laptops, tape recorders and most recently even my iphone to release these new songs to the people who…”care” and truly want to hear “THE SONGS”…. Most of those songs are located at by the way… and I could use all the downloads you could give a guy…

AND NOW….  I’ve been talking with one of my favorite people in the world for SEVERAL years about doing another STUDIO ALBUM… that could be released as hopefully (MY BEST EVER) and put me back on “track” as an established recording artist who plans to be full time again someday sooner than later…

Doug Davis (look him up now) – has the knowledge, the soul, the studio and the power to make this happen – I feel honestly as if he “gets it…gets ME” and will KNOW the sound of my very soul.   We are closer than ever to beginning the process and I have new songs that will certainly describe this crazy journey I have been on.  These songs- convey messages that I want my kids and friends to KNOW about me… if I were to die…. My “last letters” if you will.

Some don’t understand us gypy soul, tortured artist, (vagabond saints- thank you Doug)…but they don’t have to understand us.  Those who do… will congregate and be brought together by whatever it is… that helps us RECOGNIZE one another as friends… and family….   As free people.

Side note-  Doug’s new albums are available and I encourage you ALL to buy them, download them… just GET THEM…  so you can hear and feel WHY I will be working with this man.  Also- keep your ears open for the best collection of songs ever written by my friend and brother… the infamous “mooch 1 – Tommy Jones and The Southern Empire Band” – coming soon.

So-  any videographers out there who need the practice, want the face time and to get your name out to a group of the best musicians I have ever played with, PLEASE contact me ASAP.  We will meet for coffee or a few brews OR BOTH…and get this “movie” rolling….  I can assure you that it will “pay off” in the end and I will do whatever I can to help you in return.

Thank you all (those who “get it”) – for all your support over the years, for not thinking I am crazy or need pills to fix things that are not broken….   Thank you.