Morning coffee and recent events

Morning coffee thoughts... My life long friends and current friends are the best a man could ask for.

Many of them do not believe the same things I do. Many of them have more (or less) knowledge of politics, religious history and other "modern issues" than I do, yet NONE of us try to change one another.

In fact, I enjoy our differences and it makes real conversation interesting.

I'm not talking about "Facebook friends".

I'm talking about real ones.

Still yet- my Facebook friends and real friends have something very important in common; we are all human beings.

Some of our pictures are covered in rainbows and/or flags. Some of our pictures display our kids or mates. Some of our pictures display cars, motorcycles or our favorite musician.

All of our pictures are reflections of who we are and that... Is ok.

This week I've heard the word "offense" more than I ever have.

I'm not easily offended for several reasons, but mainly because I don't carry offense in my heart to begin with so when I hear or see things that I may not (yet) agree with I just think about it... Or I don't... Or- I simply don't give a shit.

I love my friends.
I love that we are all different, yet the same.

I hope these words inspire those of you who are "deleting friends" from Facebook to know it's also ok to delete them from your real life. Not everyone will like... Everyone, but you can also "unfollow" people on Facebook which means they are still in your cyber world, yet you do not see their ongoing posts about what they are passionate about (just as you and I post what we are passionate about). I've "unfollowed" many, many people in my real world as well and I feel great for it.

I'm a peaceful dude for sure.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Don't be so easily distracted by what is posted on the book of faces. I assure you there is SO much more going on that you and I have NO clue about or will ever even be allowed to find the truth about.

Simply stated... Just be and do and love YOU and leave everyone else to do the same. Watch your own world begin to become brighter and more positive.