Love Revolution (Part One)

I wonder... If every Republican and Democrat and christian and atheist and everyone else in this world that likes to give themselves a title... Would simply begin to worry about and love themselves... And not try to spend their time changing everybody that believes or thinks differently than they do... Would this world then begin to live in complete peace because we recognize we are all different because of the way we are raised and brought up to believe or think? Instead of trying to change everybody and trying to impose our personal views on everybody else we could actually learn to live with each other in this world that has been around for SO many years... Regardless of what color we are, what nationality we are, what gender we are, who we choose to love... We could simply learn to appreciate one another's differences and find interest in the same... And not worry about each other being different but celebrated instead... Could this planet then find peace? Could Facebook and every other media outlet not be laden with rebel flags, rainbow flags, racist remarks and the like? What if we were to realize that we are not being told the whole truth to begin with? What if we were to realize that our leaders are not actually our leaders? What if we were to realize that someone else behind the scenes controls every bit of it? Politics, religion, media… Every bit of it... What if I am wrong? What if I am right? What if those last two questions pertain to us all? What if we were all completely honest and confessed the fact that we do not know the truth? Could we then decide to celebrate one another's differences and learn from one another? Could we then agree that ALL lives matter? Not just human lives but even animal lives… I have met enough human beings to know that most animals have more right to life than they do (even the deer that almost killed me and my lady last year in October on my Harley). What if… we all decided to not follow a man-made way of looking at things? What if we decided to be human? To be real? To not worry what family or friends or a religious organization thought about us? What if we decided on 100% complete peace and love? I choose to follow this idea. I choose to call it a love revolution. I choose to dedicate my life and my music to this very idea. I don't care what you or I have been taught, what we have been led to believe, or what we have been told is the truth… rather I challenge everyone of you and myself to discover what our very human heart and soul tells us is right. Once we have realized the simplicity of being human… I encourage us all to share it with everyone we possibly can. Just… Be… Yourselves and share peace, love, encouragement, patience, life... With one another and try your best to ignore and shake off the lies you're being told. Thank U all for years of support.