Another social media rant

*This was taken from a facebook post I made recently:

I learned something valuable from a conversation with a friend and wanted to share it with my fan base to hopefully relieve many of un-needed, self induced anger, stress and worry. Regarding individual social media posts about anything that one chooses to promote, support, believe, disbelieve, etc. How many years have magazines, books and newspapers been publicly sold in book stores and newsstands? How many years have movies been released to the big screens and to our homes via redbox, Netflix and other outlets? Out of all those news, entertainment and artistic sources they all have one thing in common for sure... They are are someone else's opinion, translation or publication and WE do not all subscribe to them all. My point this morning for myself and others is simply that if you are friends or acquaintances with somebody on the social media outlets, you do not have to follow their pages in order to be connected to them. Many of my friends and acquaintances post things that I do not agree with or that I have no interest in seeing, however I still have an interest in staying connected to them for other reasons such as family, get-togethers or promotion of their business or my own. On the same note I have said many times that I appreciate everyone's support and that I know how much I promote music on social media so if people want to un-follow my page, I encourage them to do so and that way if they want to see where I am going to be playing music they can actually access my social media outlets or my website at their own desire to do so. Remember that there was once upon a time something called friends before Facebook. Here on social media we can post and should post whatever we decide to because it has been given to us in order to do so. Social media can help us connect with others that see things the way we do or don't and THAT is okI learned a long time ago that I have no reason to try to persuade anyone to think a certain way. I have grown to enjoy letting people be who they are and having discussions about our differences is something I enjoy as well. So today I would say to all of you if you have people on your social media outlets that you need to un-follow, do it (even if it's me). The people that mean most to you and your life you will see on a personal level daily, weekly or monthly basis anyway. If you don't like a movie, don't watch it. If you don't like a certain style of music, don't listen to it. If you don't want to read a book, don't read it. If you don't like certain food, don't eat it. If you don't like someone's posts on social media, don't subscribe to them. It's easy. Focus instead on getting to know yourself, love yourself and except yourself better daily. This world is full of people that are completely different from one another and I personally think that is a beautiful thing. I hope this message brings many a little bit more freedom today! Smile, laugh, enjoy this life and it's resources.