Always moving...

"Lord I was born with a suitcase in my hand- liven in a life that few can understand…" (Little Big Town)

This morning-  2 days away from my 39th birthday...

I truly was born with a suitcase attached to me and little did I know I would spend my entire life living out of suitcases, guitar cases and constantly moving...

Even in the recent years of "settling down" I never truly feel "settled" and I've always known why.

I work a lot… always have "boy nothing ever comes for free" (thanks papaw)...

Even on my days off I find it hard to just calm down.  Maybe it's the coffee addiction?  Maybe it's the gypsy soul I was born with…. much like my own father although he and I are different and spent little time together…  we are the same….  travelers, wonderers…..  that's the blessing and curse of being from a lineage of artists….and me?  I don't regret it….in fact I am embracing it more than I ever have.

As I sit here listening to Mumford and Sons on Vinyl… I have a few tears in my eyes.  The music moves me.

I don't just "listen to the radio" - I never have.  I can't just listen.  Some would say that my relationship with music is unhealthy….  some would say I've replaced the very belief of "god" with the tangible existence of this beautiful, powerful "thing" called music…. and guess what?  They're right.   No apologies either.

As my kids grow older I see the same in my oldest son.  He does not just "hear a song" - he dissects it… the music…the lyrics…. the FEELING in it all.  One of his favorite recordings… like me…is Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd….  wow.  He's almost 14.

I do not want him to have to work day and night like me.  He is much smarter and much more focused at his age than I have ever been or even am now…. and I am more proud of him that I've ever been.

I know he watches me, listens….  sees it all.  I know it's up to me to "lead" him… but there's something else I've grown to accept already and that is this is also HIS life and he will make his own choices…and I will support him in any choice that he makes that doesn't hurt him or hinder him.

Every time I load up my car for a show and then unload the car and set up all the equipment… 23 years now by the way…  I LOVE it… all of it.

The people at the venues.  The ones I see singing along with me nightly….

I've said it before and it's true now more than ever with my new album approaching… THIS IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN A "HOBBY"…   Thanks to Tommy Jones, Doug Davis, Jerry Chapman, Bill Mallonee and one of my most recent encouragers and muses….Mr. Owen Poteat…. for showing me that I am NOWHERE NEAR FINISHED… yet it is ONLY the beginning of what is just around the corner.

Sadly… some do not understand this about me, but that's ok for there are some….who do and always will.

Lifelong friends like my brothers Jeff, Mark and more recently Greg… who ALL "get it" - who all "get me" and understand that my true "home" is….out there…. moving, creating and doing "the best I can".

Thank you all for 39 years of love and friendship.  When I have failed… I have gotten up and kept moving…and when I fail again… I will do the same.

I better drink this coffee before it gets cold.

Now off the be my true self…  

Peace to you ALL.