A nut shell view of my life

A Nut Shell View Of My Life:

I was bullied for years in school as a child while teachers and bus drivers did nothing to protect me.

Where are those big bad bullies now?

I’ve broken free from years of religious fanaticism and I respect all humans in their personal interests and searching for possible origin and purpose.

I’ve been married and divorced three times, accept my good and bad parts of each AND choose to be friendly with my previous partners (as we are all different people now).

Through it all I refused to be dishonest and I’ve told hard truths to people that deserved nothing less along the way.

I kept two jobs between the ages of 15 and 39 in various fields of sales, service and entertainment.

I’ve been told several times I would never make it as a career artist.

I’ve raised two amazing sons and continue to watch them grow into smart, focused young men.

I am not the most knowledgeable musician and I want to learn so much more, but I knew that music would never be only a hobby.

Nothing stood in my way and I chased my dream.


Stay close to people who lift you up and encourage who and what you authentically are.


WHEN YOU FALL,  get up.  Keep moving.

I have NO regrets because all of this is making me the man I’m still growing to be and I’ve learned SELF WORTH, SELF RESPECT AND SELF CONFIDENCE as a result.  How could I ever give the same to others had I not first found it myself?

People will come into and out of your lives for different reasons and periods of time.
Accept that they will not all be like you (and they will not all LIKE you).
It’s ok.
Keep moving.

I have no right to TELL YOU what you should or should not do.  I can only tell you my story with words and music.

I hope this “nut shell” view of my life encourages YOU today.
EMBRACE what feels natural.  

James Vincent Carroll, 2016